Apr 26, 2014

Security Camera: These pictures convict Justin Bieber!

Besides all the faux pas, the Justin Bieber (20) already afforded, the eggs throwing scandal is probably probably the most bizarre. Already in mid-January, there was the incident and still the details are determined. Pictures of the Eierei there has been not - until now

Apparently Justin had forgotten that his own house is equipped with security cameras!. Because these recorded on the nasty trick and are now being used against him. On the recordings is to see how people take two eggs and throw them with oomph against the neighbor's house and then each parry hands. The images are blurred and not clearly identify the singer on it. But the investigators can make it with certainty to his clothes arrest. Because the day after egg attack Justin posted snapshots of himself with Instagram, where he wears the same clothes as during the incident!

These pictures convict Justin Bieber