Apr 29, 2014

Robert Pattinson withdrew from the project 'Mission: Blacklist'

The main role in the film Jesper Ganslandta "Mission: Blacklist" Robert Pattinson was approved two years ago, but this week it became known that the actor left the project.

According to our Western colleagues , the reason for termination of the contract has become a very busy schedule celebrity.

Who knows, maybe Pattinson just "blown", although in 2012 the idea for this painting caused him delight. Then the actor said that quickly wants to start work on the film:

Shooting "Cosmopolis", hit him in Cannes and my new project "Mission: Blacklist" - three of the happiest moment of my life. 

Recall the movie "Mission: Blacklist" will be the adaptation of the memoirs negotiator Eric Maddox, who led the operation to capture Saddam Hussein. In his book recounts the military about the hunt for the Iraqi dictator.

Pattinson just had to play the role of a negotiator, but, alas, did not happen. Now the creators of the project in the near future will have to find another actor for the lead role, because the beginning of shooting the tape is scheduled for autumn this year.

By the way, next month figure appears on cinema 67th Cannes Film Festival, where he announced the release of two films with his participation: a picture of David Cronenberg's "star map" participating in a major program review and tape David Michaud "Tramp", which will be shown in a special program.

noteworthy that cooperate with Michaud Pattinson as agreed at the very moment when he signed a contract to shoot in "Mission." However, only the first of the announced projects was sent to work.