Apr 22, 2014

Pavel Durov: I'm not going back to Russia

Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov, founder of the social network "VKontakte", in an interview with one of the portals reported that is currently outside of the Russian Federation and does not intend to return to the country as "impossible to conduct online business in Russia".

Durov also said he plans to start developing a new project - a mobile social network abroad.

Now I am not in Russia, and I have no plans to return. Unfortunately, in this country right now is impossible to conduct business online.

Monday "VKontakte" issued a statement that from April 21 Durov ceased to serve as CEO. Guide sotsseti clarified that Durov March 21 wrote a letter of resignation, and it was not withdrawn within a legal term, so the founder of the social network was dismissed.

Durov his resignation same laws do not recognize: April 21 evening, at its page "VKontakte" he wrote that he had learned of the resignation from the media. Ex-CEO of the most popular Russian social network argues that the Board of Directors decided to review his resignation April 3.

Recall, April 1, Paul said that stepping down as CEO of social network, April 3, wrote on his page I changed my mind.

Pavel Durov