Apr 5, 2014

Kate Middleton swung a fortune on a new dress

Kate Middleton always been modest in choosing clothes. It is not just about conservative attire, but also the price. But this time she surprised many!

Before the first family trip to Australia Duchess of Cambridge went to the shop of designer clothing Ralph & Russo, where the cost of dresses starting at $ 70 000. As Kate said later, she sought inspiration for the future of the tour and looked at this boutique.

According to the source Kate spent on the dress from Ralph & Russo 80,000 dollars. It is worth more than your entire wardrobe, bought in 2012, Kate! According to the source, the wife of Prince raises the bar and selects designers higher level than before.

Recall that the Duchess of Cambridge often chooses for himself and his son democratic clothing brands. For example, she recently bought a penny things for her 8-month-old son George and quite often chooses something for everyone in the chain stores the mass market.

Kate Middleton in a dress by Ralph & Russo
Kate Middleton in a dress by Ralph & Russo