Apr 4, 2014

Kara Devlin in a new advertising campaign YSL Beauty

Kara Devlin recently been criticized by Karl Lagerfeld himself, but at least the head of Chanel, and believes that the British star "is not outstanding beauty", the leadership of other fashion brands, probably holds the opposite opinion. Beauty-line YSL, for example, the model is not the first season in a row.

Ad campaigns for brand Delvin rarely left alone: ​​to shoot the spring season, she appeared in the company of male counterparts, and most recently playing " duet "with the girls.

In January came advertising Touche Eclat highlighter with Kara and Jordan Dunn, and now partner Delvin on the set became 17-year-old Ondrej Hardin.

models represent a new line of lipstick and blush Baby Doll Kiss and Blush.