Apr 24, 2014

Justin Bieber: I am extremely sorry for all those I have offended!

While he was visiting Japan on Wednesday, Justin Bieber has earned the ire of users after posting a picture of a controversial shrine in Tokyo ... Via Twitter, the Canadian singer wanted to apologize.

Justin Bieber

Somewhat against him, Justin Bieber is currently the target of many users. The latter accused him of posted on his Instagram account, a snapshot of a controversial shrine in Tokyo. The same sanctuary, as recalled Point is "seen in China and Korea as a symbol of Japanese militarism past.

After unveiling at its more than 51 million subscribers, this picture of Yasukuni Shrine which is controversial for its representation of colonial past of Japan, thousands of fans are immediately on the frontlines

face the wrath of his audience, Justin tenuous to apologize. 'J' I thought the only sanctuaries were places of prayer. I am extremely sorry for all those I have offended. I love China, I love Japan "Has he said.

After this incident, the young man of 19 years has tried to calm the situation by unveiling a video of his visit a Japanese orphanage where he gave himself fully to adorable children. Look!