Apr 24, 2014

In New York, Luciana Gimenez makes aesthetic treatment and posts video

In presenting photo appears bleeding. Everything indicates that the procedure was 'vampire facelift', which uses the patient's blood to improve skin.

Luciana Gimenez took advantage of his visit to New York to give that visual tract. And the hostess would not hear of anything but simple. In pictures and videos posted on his Instagram, she shows that she is willing to suffer a little in the name of beauty. In one of the photos, Luciana Gimenez appears with his face bloodied and makes no bones about the aesthetic treatment. See the video here.
Everything indicates that the presenter has undergone the 'vampire facelift' procedure is to use his own blood to improve skin. The first step of the treatment consists in removing some blood arm. Then, the material is taken to a machine where platelets are removed. Only then the person's own blood is reapplied with a thinner needle on his face. In the first video sequence, Luciana Gimenez is filmed while a doctor takes blood from your arm. "That's a lot of blood.'s A weird thing to do," he says as amused. See the video here.

The aesthetic treatment has been done by Kim Kardashian. "I love to try anything that makes you look at yourself and feel young," said the socialite at the time.

Luciana Gimenez makes aesthetic treatment