Apr 14, 2014

Happy woman: Heidi Klum has 2,000 pairs of shoes!

Shoes and bags are a passion for itself in many women. That the already of careers ago is particularly the case in Model, is hardly surprising. But Heidi Klum drives the whole thing probably on the top: In her closet actually stack proud 2,000 pairs of shoes!

Thus, the German export model accommodates well the women's paradise par excellence. How good it is equipped with shoes, she revealed at ET Online, than it should go to their cooperation with shoe companies. When asked how many shoes, among which are mostly high heels are with certainty because it possesses itself, came the astonishing reply:
 "It's embarrassing - about 2,000 Does that sound awful You know how it is, I'm a.? Hoarders and I hamstere and hamstere and hamstere. "
 Well that sounds terrible for most probably not, more enviable. Your amazing collection she writes the more than 20 years in the business, in which they also got repeatedly given shoes by designers. In addition, she has it even a lasting thought:
"And I have two girls Therefore, everything is beautifully arranged with a photo of them in the basement Hopefully they later have my shoe size I have size 42/43!..." 
As Leni and Lou are but happy! If they inherit Heidi's big feet ...