Apr 1, 2014

Grown Woman: one song - two versions of the clip

Beyonce new video clip

Beyonce and her team work tirelessly. Even the one song they are ready to release two versions of the clip.

Single Grown Woman, apparently love and Bi, and her fans. First, the singer presented a video on the upbeat song. In it she appears as a real queen, who "can do whatever she wants." It's a little caricature of adult life: if we look at the world through the eyes of a child. By the way, home videos with little Beyonce, apparently, which is why there are in the clip.

Alternative concept clip in general, is the same. Is that it is brighter: it has more animation and dance adult Beyonce. Which option is the music video you like more?

Grown Woman sounds not only in videos Bi, but also in advertising Pepsi - it is in this single fragments could be heard for the first time, even before the full release.

Beyonce new video clip

Beyonce new video clip

Beyonce video clip