Apr 12, 2014

Ellie Fanning about working with Angelina Jolie: 'My dream has come true!'

Ellie Fanning about working with Angelina Jolie

Very soon, the screens will the long-awaited tale "Maleficent" with Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning starring. In a recent interview with US performer young Princess Aurora spoke about how she worked on the set with her older peers.

So 16-year-old actress said that long wanted to meet with Jolie on the set.
It was fun. Work with Angelina on the same project has been my dream that finally came true. Before, I could not think about this: even the opportunity to meet face to face and talk seemed exorbitant fantasies. It's true it was very cool!
Ellie also shared with the public impressions of professionalism Angie.
She plunged into her character. She worked every detail, down to the clothes. She came on the first day of rehearsals with costumes Maleficent and immediately put them on. She said: "I need to get used to it, these outfits part of my character." I thought it was very cool.
Recall fantasy about wicked witch can already be viewed on May 28.

Ellie Fanning

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent