Drake Gift: $ 42,000 diamond ring for Rihanna

"Shine bright like a diamond" - apparently had Drake a little catchy tune of Rihanna hit, because he has his loved ones just so given a really big clunker. Whopping $ 42,000 invested the rapper in a yellow diamond ring for the beautiful singer.

As RiRi was certainly no longer being amazed out when she opened the jewelry box and the jewelry stuck on his finger. A friend of the couple told the Daily Star newspaper: "Rihanna was delighted with the gift Between the two everything is becoming increasingly serious.." Rihanna but I know that the ring was just a loving intentioned gift. That it seems to be really serious between the two musicians was already evident as Drake his heart lady lovingly kissed during a basketball game. From engagement but could still be no question. However, the source did yet more to report: "They are just inseparable!" Drake had even cleared his schedule in order to spend as much time as possible with RiRi can.

diamond ring for Rihanna

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