Apr 11, 2014

Captain Kate Prince William proposes the yacht race

Duchess Kate seems to really be a true achiever. Even when staying with Prince William in New Zealand, she proved again that their profits is just in the genes.

In Whenupai the 32-year-old entered against her husband in a yacht race and won it twice glorious, the Daily Mail reported. Sporty in dark blue jeans and striped shirt with maritime brought Hobbyseglerin Kate full body use on board the 25-meter yacht. Grinning broadly, she was happy about her victory and greeted her previous husband apologetically, as she was already driving on the way back past him. He had a very simple explanation for his defeat at hand: "We have been sabotaged." Before going out to the open waters, Kate had her lover still fondly: "Take care of yourself!" Then William casually, "Yeah, see you later."

With her double victory at the British sympathetic revenge on her husband, who had left behind in a dragon boat race in the Canadian Auckland 2011.

Prince William