Apr 26, 2014

Askold Zapashny suffered a serious operation

Tamer tigers and successor famous circus dynasty, one of two brothers Zapashny Askold is these days being treated at a clinic in Germany. Lately trainer suffered several complex spinal surgery. German surgeons inserted Askold three artificial intervertebral disc. In hospital Zapashny hit shortly before the premiere of his new show circus. Realizing that fans will be worried about his disappearance, Askold puts detailed reports its status to the page on the social network. "Here in this" Terminator "made me a wonderful German surgeons. On stage cervical intervertebral disc replacement ... Safely suffered another operation. Now I'm a proud owner of 3 artificial intervertebral disc. Thanks to all who suffered for me. Starting to recover, "- said circus.

About their problems with the spine and Askold and his brother Edgar said more than once.
Reason - complex tricks and acrobatics, they show viewers for many years. Numerous injuries and falls seriously undermined their health. It was reported that doctors strongly recommend trainers complete performances on stage. Nevertheless, Zapashny going long to please fans with his art.