Apr 22, 2014

Adele Ekzarkopulos first trailer 'Qui Vive'

Adele Ekzarkopulos

While Adele Ekzarkopulos preparing to shoot tape Sean Penn's "The Last Face", the network has the first trailer of the latest film actresses Qui Vive. We estimate the fresh video and see what awaits us in the new film.

Official name in the Russian hire a French film directed by Marianne Tardieu yet. It is known that in English-speaking countries the project will be called Insecure.

In the film, the protagonist finds a temporary job in a school security guard. In the school a man acquainted with student Jenny, which falls at first sight. In addition to this pleasant meeting hero waiting and less desirable - for example, conflicts with local criminal gang and troubled teenagers.

Star "Life Adele" starred as Jenny, and Reda Kateb played the protagonist. Released tape on wide screens in worldwide box office is still unknown. We will look forward to more details and hope that history will reach Russia.