Apr 18, 2014

Accusation: Is Bieber father a brutal bat?

Justin Bieber is negative attention in recent months repeatedly by boorish behavior, but violent excesses were not yet sure of his scandals. It is quite different to his father Jeremy. This should have a girl deliberately violated dangerous!

Twelve years ago, it was to have come, according to the Daily Mail between the 39-year-old and an American woman named Alicia Wadden an aggressive incident. First, the conflict began verbally, but then she raised her hand against him, and smote Justin's father. He shall then be disengaged: "Out of nowhere, he kicked me in the face and I fell to the ground I must have been passed out, because I can just remember to be woken up and my mouth unable to close.." The now 30-year-old allegedly ran to a nearby hospital, on the way they had to spit teeth. Then she could take two months no solid food with the broken jaw.

Alicia would like to warn the young singer: "He seems to look up at him, but he needs to know how Jeremy really is His dad has a terrible influence on him.." In your opinion, the father of the superstar to get through with all believes. But she wants him to know that he can not do so easily - even if he then gave her $ 1000 hush money after the fact.

Bieber father a brutal bat

Justin Bieber