Mar 27, 2014

Without glasses: Elton John stuns with Aua-eye!

If there is an accessory to the world, Elton John estimates more than his piano, then probably his glasses. The musicians legend is said to have booked even an extra hotel room for its many traditional tinted glasses in the past. Now he was exceptionally caught without glasses - and shocked her with an obviously inflamed eye!

In West Hollywood the musician was spotted with a very red eye - and that really did not look good! A little later, Elton John showed again with his famous glasses - but the question remains: What is going on with his eye?

For years, legends have grown around the eyes of the piano legend: Here Elton John will not be short-sighted, but just have a fondness for fashion reasons for eyeglasses. The superstar gave himself on one occasion to have about 250,000 glasses - what might have been a joke.

Let's just hope that his eyes were already a few hours later in normal form!

Elton John Without glasses

Elton John