Mar 28, 2014

What was going on? Kanye West at the police station!

Yeah, this visit to the police station did not quite fit into the picture of the new Sauber man Kanye West somehow. The loving family man who has just all hands full with planning his royal-style wedding, just had to quickly clear all the formalities for his probation namely again. But that is best no one noticed.

Full quietly actually just nobody was looking with little fanfare, and as, the rapper crept on Thursday at 16:30 clock to Hollwood LAPD station. There was quickly made a police photo for the records and fingerprints taken of the star. It is just over 49 minutes, it was then dedicate again for the time and on probation prisoner could, according to TMZ back to his normal everyday life. It seems like doing the beating of another people do not like a lot of work. But at least the musician for 24 hours therapy has to undergo anger management for at least yet.