Mar 7, 2014

Vagina Talk: Cameron Diaz reveals spicy details

 Cameron Diaz reveals spicy details

That which is hidden under the skirt is private. This opinion can join probably the most. Not as Cameron Diaz, which is now in vagina-talk with host Chelsea Handler very very talkative and showed once again chatted openly about their most intimate place.

In order to present her book "The Body Book", she attended the talk show Chelsea lateley and presenter Chelsea came straight to the point, she opened the most piquant of all the chapters of the book and said:

"There is a graphic of your labia and I think the vagina is an essential part of the body! "

 And Cameron is their right - after all, she is the author of the book

: "You should treat them like the beautiful flower it is ... the delicate flower she is, you should care for them in any way in which they care. needs. "

Cameron's vagina was" hungry "and need much maintenance. Also in terms of depilation they were openly:

 "I think there is a reason that there grow hair." 

Did we therefore also clarified.