Mar 28, 2014

Too Sexy? Thus, Helene Fischer was at the Echo

Schlager Star in super sexy! Helene Fischer wore at this year's Echo on thick and presented in several provocative outfits, which certainly numerous spectators and colleagues' jaws dropped to the bottom. So tantalizingly saw the singer really rare!

Already on the red carpet, there were the "wow" effect: Helene showed midriff in black, with a transparent skirt. Your great figure she could hardly have been more stress. Or does it? On stage, it was right at the beginning of the show namely a white outfit in swimsuit style, with gold ornaments, in which the pop queen has performed "Breathless through the night" and the audience really took my breath.

The success underlined the sex appeal of the echo presenter - two echoes creamed off, one for Album of the Year and a successful for the hit.
Helene Fischer was at the Echo