Mar 15, 2014

Tolmachevy sisters from Russia will perform at the 'Eurovision-2014'

Tolmachevy sisters

As expected, the winners of "Junior Eurovision 2006" 17-year-old twin sisters Anastasia and Maria Tolmachevy represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest "Eurovision" which will be held from May 6 to 10 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Posted in General about this in the program "News of the Week" on the TV channel "Russia 1". However, it is unknown what song the girls sing in "Eurovision".

That Tolmachevy sisters will go to "Eurovision" from Russia, it became known on March 9. The information was posted on the official page of "Junior Eurovision" in "Facebook". However, the official website of the Song Contest no information if it does not, as the online channel "Russia", which announced the launch of the national selection competition last fall.

Recall that Anastasia and Maria Tolmachevy won in 2006 with the song "Spring Jazz" of his own. At a press konferntsy girls admitted that they ever dream of being an adult song contest «Eurovision».

Tolmachevy Sisters perform in the first part of the first semi-final, which will take place on May 6. Final of "Eurovision" will be held on May 10.