Mar 4, 2014

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles: meeting at Oscar party

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

Although Taylor Swift and Harry Styles did not lead the happiest Short term relationship, but even after the separation, she understood dazzling. At the weekend, the two celebrated on the same Oscar party, which would be embarrassing. In fact, everything changed ...

We remember - the end of 2012, Harry and Taylor coo in public together. They were seen not only in the U.S. but also in England. Was then known in January 2013 that they have separated. Although since one or the other dirty laundry which was washed in public - Taylor disste her ex at the Grammys and VMAs -., But still bad blood does not flow

On Saturday night they ran to the Weinstein party in Beverly Hills Hotel in arms. There was absolutely no bitching!

A source told over, E! News', "People may think that Harry and Taylor no longer speak to each other or are not friends, but that is not at all the case. They stayed in touch and talked for a while at the party. They are friends and get along well with each other. There are no bad feelings. "
Last Harry Styles was a guest on the haircut Party of Taylor Swift in early February in London. An exception, because Harry is much better in LA ...

"He likes to be in LA because he or she can easily and unbehelligter go out, as it is possible in London to him," the source continued.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles