Mar 8, 2014

Shit Storm against Kim Gloss - she calls her dog Rocco real?

Well, as has Kim Gloss, 21 but allows quite a fun. Although the War of the Roses with her ex Rocco Stark, 27, set at least at the moment on the ice, but that keeps the pretty singer does not depend on a dog that is named after her exes to show who is boss and collected for the same a shitstorm.

Outside, the sun and the first flowers appear sprout. The perfect weather, then, to go with a four-legged friend for a walk. The former "American Idol" contestant uses the first real rays of the sun to do with their animal friend for a long walk, how convenient that they have to remember even a new name. Because the dog is, namely Rocco and also does not seem particularly well to listen to her.

On their Facebook page there is a video on which you can see how Kim is trying to teach the animal "seat" and it seems almost as if they would enjoy it a little to give a Rocco commands. Their followers see that but less positive. "I find that not so great to name the dog Rocco Kim. I think that if your daughter is older and it shows, she'll quite read the riot act, "said a post.

"Disrespectful to the Father (...)," says a Userin. Another writes: "I find it sad, after all, he is the father of her child (...). Head probably cut because only the hair. "

But it looks like the dog could probably include a girlfriend that you can hear in the video. Kim Fun makes it safe anyway, Rocco bossing.