Mar 8, 2014

Shakira says the jealousy of her man

Gerard Piqué not she wants turns clips with men!

In full promotion of his new album, Shakira says the jealousy of her husband, footballer Gerard Piqué, in a new interview.

Songs of Shakira are generally made to make you want to jiggle, but if the Colombian singer was accustomed to rub charming young men in her videos, she is notably Rafael Nadal, that was before. Since she is in a relationship with Gerard Pique, the bomb 37 years formal prohibition to shoot videos with the male sex. It is for this reason that Shakira said she was forced to call Rihanna hot clip for their duet Can not Remeber To Forget You ...
"It is very possessive and since he does not want me to turn clips with men, I have to do with women," says the singer Billboard magazine. "This is a tacit understanding in our relationship, I can not do the videos I used to tourner.J loves it protects its territory, it gives me the importance of Somehow, the only person he would let fondle my thigh Rihanna "adds the singer.
Mom for a little over a year the small Milan, Shakira says she never thought to stop the music.
"There's a part of me, everything me, who wants to be with them (Milan Gerard Piqué ed) all the time and be a housewife. But there is also this other part of me that always wants to music and I'm glad to success. I will not deny it. I know it can sometimes seem immoral to say that you love success, but I like it. "
His new album, simply called Shakira, released in stores on March 25th ...

As a souvenir, here is the sensual clip she shot with Rafael Nadal for the title Gypsy:

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