Mar 5, 2014

Shakira: I want eight or nine children from Gerard Pique

Shakira photo shoots

Shakira is not the first time became the heroine of a magazine cover Latina. Photoshoot star blogger shares Tanushka28.

Singer is preparing to introduce its new album, Shakira, but thought 37-year-old star busy, of course, not only creativity, because just over a year ago, she became a mother for the first time. Here is what the heroine numbers says about:

When you have a child, when you feel his love, you feel a sense of peace. I want to share with the world their happiness.

According to Shakira, she and her boyfriend, footballer Gerard Pique, are not going to rest on our laurels:

If not all of my musical projects, I would have was pregnant again. In general, I want us to have Gerard was eight or nine children - own football team.

Shakira, whose relationship with 27-year-old Pique, lasted for four years, said:

It with me because he wants to be with Shakira-man, not a star. This is true love, there are no hidden motives. And I'm with him, because he's an awesome man of everyone I met. We want the same, we like the same thing, we do not like the same things. Never in my life I did not have such passionate relationship.

As for creativity, here the singer has a story to tell. She shared the details of the release of their new album, which mixed rock, folk, reggae and dance music:

in me will always be a little of everything. I always argued with myself over whether the direction in which I want to work. It happens that I am very like the song, and after a few minutes I already hate her.

Tenth studio album Shakira go on sale March 25. Recently, she has shared with fans track listing records and introduced a new single titled Empire. Also in the album will already become a hit duet track with Rihanna Can't Remember to Forget You.

Shakira photo shoots

Shakira photo shoots

Shakira photo shoots

Shakira photo shoots