Sean Penn daughter offered to shoot for the cover of Playboy

Sean Penn daughter offered to shoot for the cover of Playboy

Daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright, Dylan made a business proposal - to participate in the photo shoot for the magazine Playboy. Fee rather big - 150 thousand dollars. Shooting is planned in the spirit of Kate Moss photo shoot for the anniversary issue.

In a modeling agency, which model numbers begin, refused to comment on the news.

By the way, the daughter of star parents confidently start your way to glory . Name Dylan Penn flashed in headlines in the Western press in connection with a romantic relationship with Robert Pattinson and the stars of "The Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen. Career model also goes uphill in December last year, Dylan starred in a beach photo shoot for the magazine GQ, in January - for W, and in March - for Elle.

Being a model - not the limit of my dreams. I am happy doing it, but just to be able to pay the bills. Write scripts, shoot, to be on the other side of the camera - that's what I really wanted to do.

Dylan Penn

Robin Wright Penn and Dylan

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