Feb 28, 2014

Racism accusation! Sharp criticism of Oliver Pocher

"... And then you're with Kim Kardashian on the Opera Ball ..."
 commented Oliver Pocher have a common picture of himself and the reality star almost in disbelief on Facebook. Whether he was aware more about his award last night at the Opera Ball? . Remark With the comedian drew the international press on and was very heavily criticized for

When asked by presenter Miriam Weichselbraun, because even if he would still dance, Pocher answered in the ORF-Interview:
 "Yes, we shall dance. We are waiting for 'Niggas in Vienna'". An allusion to "Niggas in Paris",
 a song by Kanye West, the fiancee of Kim Kardashian. But the supposed joke missed its target. Mirjam Weichselbraun giggled bedröppelt in the round and Kim did not flinch, looked a little later entered the side.

The reactions in the press were not there so harmless. With a shiver, for example, writes the American news website TMZ:
 "The guy apparently thought he was funny, he is cocky and racist.."