Mar 27, 2014

Prokhor Shalyapin wife has millions in contracts

Prokhor Shalyapin wife Larisa, it turns out, has benefited from a wedding with a star no less, and perhaps more than the Prokhor, who are accustomed to consider public opinion gigolo. As it turned out, Shalyapin wife delivers elite clients from the world of show business, and as a result biznesvuman concludes millions, and sometimes billions of dollars in contracts.

About how Kopenkina and now Shalyapin now conducts its business colleague told Larissa estate. In an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Svetlana Klimova someone said that friends and colleagues Prochor wishing to buy an apartment or house, only now coming into their company. Furthermore, in principle, Larissa became popular thanks to the press, and many customers just want to cooperate with it. "We have acquired a lot of customers who learned about it from the media. And not just customers and developers millionaires - with huge bags, in all countries. Several times I was with her in the negotiations, so one had 50 luxury real estate objects, the other - investment properties in Sochi and Yalta and Moscow ... And all this came to Larissa at the expense, as you call it, PR. Millions, if not billions in contracts. Yes and celebrities that come through Prochor go to Larissa, "- says Klimov.

Recall that wedding Prokhor Shalyapin and Larissa Kopenkina took place in late 2013. After marriage the bride took her husband's surname. The couple has a big age difference, which, however, does not prevent them to be happy. Prokhor and Larissa going together, arrange gay parties, and at times going out of each other in different companies. Wife of singer recently made herself plastic surgery and now looks very young. And in an interview with "StarHitu" this shortly before the wedding, biznesvuman confessed that often met with young men and Prokhor nor - quite mature. There were gentlemen and younger ages.

Prokhor Shalyapin wife has millions in contracts