Mar 29, 2014

Prince Harry: Who is really his father?

Prince Harry reportedly wants DNA test by Charles

For years, a rumor about the British royal family holds particularly stubborn: Prince Charles is not to be the biological father of Prince Harry. For the two certainly a stressful situation, now apparently wants to put an end forever to the Harry.

Prince Harry reportedly wants DNA test by Charles

It is more than a curious story about the late Princess Diana, her son Harry and a man named James Hewitt. With the blonde had an affair at that time namely, from the then allegedly little Harry was born. The only certainty, this confused doubt about the paternity finally out of the way, would be a DNA test of Charles. Precisely what should be the young uncle now require - that will in any case know Showbizspy. The rumors soup was boiled up to date with photos in Globe magazine, showing the similarity between Harry and James. There is also a new insider who was reportedly two months before Harry's birth with Diana in contact. At that time they should have sued him her suffering: "... She was devastated and cried several times you did not know what to do She wanted to tell the truth about Harry's father, but feared the wrath of the Queen"

How much truth in these allegations, only it can be stated very difficult. Should there really be a DNA test, also remains to be seen whether the result also reaches the public.