Mar 11, 2014

[photos] Smoochy dance with Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber posting Clip

Yes, there is a Justin-Selena-Reunion! Having already neatly bubbled the rumors and all the fans of the two musicians again made a dream couple hopes, wanted Justin Bieber now obviously clear: He and Selena Gomez are quoted again in the best and like it also very sexy! Indeed, a joint meeting was for the two young stars known in a dance studio where they were rehearsing in the truest sense of Dirty Dancing. What was initially a matter of speculation again, the "Boyfriend" Artist confirmed himself by posted a video of the dance session with his ex-girlfriend on his or re-Instagram account.

Clear that the recording like a wildfire and although it is the 20-year-old now apparently changed his mind again and the video put out, it is circulating on the Internet was still merrily. But it is also too beautiful and unique to look at, like Justin and Selena dance together through the studio while sexy go right to the point. Since Justin Sel suppressed times against the wall, takes her in his arms or lifts her up - and of course shirtless. And no matter whether the two now trained together with a choreographer for a new music video or it simply came upon this: are their hot dance moves always and prove that with them again definitely more than just might run friendship.