Mar 14, 2014

Orlando Bloom and Miranda: Divorce in planning

What exactly straight at Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom runs well know only the two. But after it initially looked as if the dream couple would pull together again after his separation yet, rumors are now loudly that a divorce is fast approaching.

In this case, according to an insider, there were mixed feelings of Miranda and Orlando in different directions in terms of the further development of their relationship. So Miranda still hope that everything turns back to good, there is no divorce and they can again make a happy family with little son Flynn. "Orlando's feeling change seemed to have really hit out of the blue. I think they thought that they would get back together," the source told the UK's Grazia. See Orlando's plans because supposedly different, he would already be preparing for divorce.

In the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars both met each other yet, and also for son Flynn has so far been no sign of War of the Roses. And perhaps Orlando considering the yes one more time ... That he just happened to Nora Arnezeder data to the divorce is rather an argument against it.