Mar 25, 2014

Now it's out! Ciara reveals baby gender

For some time now pushes Ciara a considerable ball in front of him. Soon it is probably as far as to bring her baby into the world. And they already know exactly if she gets a boy or a girl.

For a hefty sum Ciara stocked now the room of her unborn child. It should turn into a real jungle - suitable for a boy! The fact that she is expecting a little boy, the singer revealed on her Instagram page. Here she posted a photo of the prepared cake, which was decorated in blue and white. Shortly after followed the first gift of the baby shower: small sneaker, for a stylish shoot

addition, the expectant father at Wendy Williams confirmed that he was looking forward to the male to the family!. Coming Soon Future is determined to keep his little son man already on the arm - long may it until birth namely not last!

Ciara reveals baby gender

Ciara reveals gender