Mar 10, 2014

New phase of life: Ke$ha changed its name

Many musicians put to an artists name to be as catchy and easy to remember. This includes Ke$ha! Particularly memorable to their name is the dollar sign, which replaces the "S" and a self-ironic allusion anmutet to their more or less money available greed. But that's all now the singer sets the "$" on how people now reported!

New phase of life: Ke$ha changed its name

She has completed her one-month stay in a hospital recently, in which she was being treated for her eating disorder. Now the 27-year-old crashes with "tons full of new music" again fully in the work. If the new name is Kesha, with which it is by the way grew up middle-class, lead to greater musical success? Their second album "Warrior" was under age identifier that is a flop!

Kesha is not the first that changed her stage name. Even P. Diddy or Snoop Lion once were with other names go. Who was a true fan of Ke$ha, Kesha will probably dislike less. During the quiz you can test what you know about the earlier dollar sign-wearer.