Mar 13, 2014

New novel: Elizabeth Hurley meets with photographer David Yerrou

Elizabeth Hurley recently broke up with cricketer Shane Warne, but remained alone in not too long: a few days ago the actress was photographed coming out of a restaurant in the company of a businessman and photographer from Scotland David Yerrou.

New companion star, the British press describes as "tycoon, fascinated by photographing wildlife." It is the exhibition of the photos David and Liz met - it was in the last month.

Since Yerrou and Hurley were seen together several times. In late February, they sat on a nearby chair at the wedding of mutual friends.

One businessman told friends:

They started dating recently, but already David tells his friends that they had an affair.

Yerrou 48-year-old not only succeed in business, but is a rich heir: he belongs to the shipbuilding dynasty. David decided to become a photographer, has built a successful career.

Now he travels the world, arranging "photo hunting" wild beasts. New Line Yerrou also feels quite confident, and the cost of his photographs comes to 14,000 pounds.