Mar 8, 2014

Neil Patrick Harris: new family photo!

Papa gaga, happy man by his companion, actor acclaimed Broadway short, Neil Patrick Harris exudes happiness ... Far from womanizer "incasable" that was Barney!

Play womanizing on movie sets of "How I Met Your Mother" is well and truly over for Neil Patrick Harris. Recently, via Twitter, he showed his emotion: "I just let my last reply in the skin of Barney Stison Nine years buddy It is clear that the time flies when you're having fun." He wrote .

Now it is the actor on Broadway 42 years will shine with a musical called "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." But before going on stage, April 22 in New York, he is careful to take care of his family worshiped. So yesterday he showed us oh it is in love with David Burtka, his partner since 2004, reveals today via Instagram, a snapshot of what makes the more fortunate to be surrounded by his family

 Filmography Papa false twins Gideon Scott and Harper prénommés Grace, aged 3, Neil Patrick Harris shows us that his home exudes happiness ... As in the fiction that made its success, gentleman spleen Moreover never an opportunity to laugh and draw smiles.

Neil Patrick Harris new family photo