Mar 11, 2014

Miley Cyrus did not have time to change costume and acted in lingerie

March 9 Miley Cyrus gave a concert in the U.S. city of Milwaukee as part of a tour Bangerz Tour. Singer did not have time to change costume and sang one of the songs in underwear - bra and panties.

Miley Cyrus in underwear
Miley Cyrus in underwear

Later she commented on its appearance in Twitter:

I sang "23" is not a new suit. Just did not have time to change, so I had to go in lingerie.

With me this has never happened. But I love their fans as much as they have me! I could not miss the performance of the song "23". Show must go on. 

At 21-year-old star was set in black and red colors: striped bra and panties. Note, he did not become more outspoken than her usual costumes by Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs and Bob Mackie. They managed to make a splash in the extreme minimalism.