Mar 7, 2014

Media: Duchess Catherine is pregnant again

Duchess Catherine is pregnant again

Recently in Britain are increasingly there are reports of pregnancy of the Duchess Catherine - is it for this really is an occasion or just British wishful thinking?

Thus, according to our European colleagues, known not only for journalists that the wife of Prince William is in an interesting position, they even tell the sex of a child - a girl. It is with this headline went on sale Journal Star.
The little sister of George appears. Kate is very excited. She hoped that give birth to a daughter. When it is confirmed that the joyful news was a great start to the year. Catherine and William thrilled! 

However, later appeared on the newspaper shelves is quite another edition, which states that the royal couple expecting twins. That's the news!

Source close to the couple told reporters English-language magazine OK! following:

They were trying to conceive since January this year. William told the queen that he would like to have at least two daughters. In their family, and so many men, so it is going to change the situation. 
In addition, he told why dukes so soon decided to expand his family:

Everyone thought they would wait when George turns at least a year, so that the body has had time to recover Katherine. However, it feels so healthy person, there is no need to wait.

William and Catherine never made any secret of the fact that they would like to have three children. 

Well, all the news seems unbelievable, but if this is true, then we heartily congratulate the monarchs!

Duchess Catherine and Prince William