Mar 14, 2014

Lorde: she refused to go on tour with Katy Perry!

Rising artist who takes all in its path, Lorde has entrusted it has recently been approached by Katy Perry for the first aprtie his new tour, Prismatic Tower. But she simply declined the offer ... Find out why!

While American singer 29 years is preparing its new world tour, the Prismatic Tower is looking for a Part. And to start its shows, Katy Perry had thought LA ​​singer vogue of the moment that takes all in its path, Lorde. Yes but now, Katy will be without her.

Lorde has just revealed in an interview that she refused to go on tour with the American star and why.
In the first steps of an artist's career, I think it is important to impose itself 
explained the young New Zealander singer of 17 years revealed by its title Royals Australian radio Kiss 1065 .
I'm kind of stubborn and I want my independence,
 added the BFF Taylor Swift, saying she wanted to
be headlining [its] own show. 

In summary, Katy Perry has taken a big wind by a young artist with a sharp tongue and who knows what she wants and does not want ...