Mar 28, 2014

Lorde: her boyfriend ultra proud broke the silence ...

Lorde: her boyfriend ultra proud broke the silence ..

Almost overnight Lorde became famous thanks to her hit "Royals" in the world. With all the hype around her person, she wants to keep her love life out of the press at least. As a reporter for her boyfriend James Lowe asked for a statement, the singer freaked out normal.

But now the photographer goes all by itself to the public. On his blog, he wrote a long post in which he writes about how to life has changed by the success of the New Zealander.

He explained that he was sitting at the very long post and earlier version rejected again and again . During this time, his girlfriend won two Grammys and a Brit Award and thereafter he is very proud. "At the moment it is on the other side of the world on tour. As much as I miss them too, I could not be prouder of what she has achieved so far. If you are lucky to see one of their concerts of the current tour, then you will experience more than just her voice. The staging, which she has come up, you see remarkably ... I can not wait to see it next month itself. "
"My life is now probably quite different, but seen from the inside it feels normal. Jared Leto said that the fame is not you, but the people around you changes. Although I was not in the center (fuck the times when I did, that was not fun), I am aware of the people around me and their transparency aware. You can not hide it. I am the target of tabloids, moments when I thought, to be sure, ended up on the Internet. "
James Lowe already had to deal with paparazzi who forget everything around you and prone to violence, only to shoot a good picture of a celebrity. But for him outweigh the positive things in his new life. He is grateful, great people, whether they are to have photographers or artists he admired met and held discussions with them or to have had a coffee.

"For all of this I have to thank the person to the I look up and I admire the most. The person who fills the emptiness that I try to avoid, "he wrote in the post that you certainly may interpret as a love letter to Lorde.

Lorde and her boyfriend