Mar 31, 2014

Lindsay Lohan fired as a messy home of Leonardo DiCaprio!

While the starlet came to the home of Leonardo DiCaprio, the actor has decided to disengage his den presto!

Leonardo DiCaprio does not seem to be a fan of the various escapades of Lindsay Lohan. Invited to the home of the actor, the tornado Lilo would have required 15 minutes before being kicked out violently by a friend of Leo. This weekend, it was decided to have a party at his home in Hollywood and decided to invite all to Hollywood's elite. Of course, he thought that Lindsay Lohan has not failed to respond "present" in this event. A source told U.S. magazine OK! "Leo has allowed him to return home Lindsay Lohan was like a whiner who wants all the attention on her and then she attacks." "She whined about the smallest things like not having a place to sit or unwilling some people are with her. Leo told his friend to put out 15 minutes after his arrival. " Outch!

If Lilo thought to have bought a pipe, Leonardo DiCaprio does not seem to want to be kind to the actress who is currently shaking all his ex after his "sex list" has been unveiled ...