Mar 21, 2014

Lady Gaga: talks about her bizarre appearance

Art is a matter of taste, but at Lady Gaga the taste buds appear to be atrophied right. Why else, they can be full of puke and called this action later as art?

With their appearance at the SXSW festival in Austin made it a stir, because they "embellish" on the stage again and again by a woman, let

the emptied their stomach contents above the megastar.

When she in the 'Today Show' dropped in this week, she talked about this action and stated that they were "not really surprised" by the negative comments.
But we both really believe in artistic expression and strong personalities. For us, this was performance art in its purest form.
"We totally understand that some people do not stand on it," said Lady Gaga. "Whether we wanted this controversy? I believe that it does not matter. We do things not for any particular reason, we just want to entertain the audience and create something that lives for the moment. It was not for those Today Show 'thought, but for a show at a club in Austin. "