Mar 15, 2014

Lady Gaga: 'I have nothing to do with Katy Perry!'

Lady Gaga performed at the festival SXSW in Texas, and then said, hour speech in costume of coffee filters. As 27-year-old singer explained in a later interview, Jimmy Kimmel, she wanted to feel comfortable.

The Sheraton Gaga said so:
I have no idea what I may have to do with Katy Perry. My music is different, as well as myself. 

Note flamboyant star performance at the festival was marked by some scandalous episodes. At first, she appeared in an extravagant club Stubb's BBQ, where dancers daubed Gaga barbecue sauce, like a pig on a spit. Evening during a concert singer invited on stage girlfriend Millie Brown, who drank a whole bottle of bright green liquid, and then vomited on her Gaga, who at that moment was playing the drums.

According to the star, her room was fully in the spirit of the festival:
It was great to know that people are discussing my speech on the Internet. We did a performance, because we believe in this form of art and believe that it is significant for the song. I am familiar with Millie Brown about five years and we have worked together. She was in town, so I decided to call her.

Sometimes strange and wrong things can change the world.

I'm not saying that vomiting can change the world. I mean the idea of ​​a performance - we have created what we wanted and respected each other as actresses. So it was worth it.
Then Demi Lovato accused Lady Gaga in promoting eating disorders. She wrote in Twitter:
Sad ... As if we did not have enough people who are promoting eating disorders. The floor, it is not cool and has no relation to art.

Would you let someone bring the needle and inject you content? Addiction - an addiction.

Gaga, you're so talented, not to say that you are the most talented in the entertainment business. But you do not need to do so. 

21-year-old Lovato suffering from eating disorders, and in October 2010 went to treatment in rehab. Three months later, Disney star checked out and decided to become a role model for girls with similar problems.

Note, next week will be a new video for one of the singles from the album ARTPOP.