Mar 14, 2014

Lady Gaga can be fully puke on stage [video]

Lady Gaga loves to cause a stir. Since the singer already presented all sorts of unusual outfits, they now had to come up with a new action - and she succeeded!

On Thursday, she appeared on the Doritos Bold # days during SXSW Music, Film + Interactive Festival and was full of puke a young woman!

Yes, it was not a mistake, but pure intention! While she performed her song "Swine", a woman was standing on the stage, down poured a green drink just to get a short time later to put their fingers in the neck and hervorzuwürgen the liquid. Lady Gaga was visibly pleased with their exceptional shower and could be the same again fully puke ...

Icky the show was definitely, it is no doubt. But when the singer finds fun in such a crazed actions and no other fully sick, she can even make love to ...