Mar 22, 2014

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh engaged?

Kelly Brook and David McIntosh engaged

According to British tabloids, Kelly Brook and star sports reality show "Gladiators" nicknamed Tornado David McIntosh engaged. Couple meets for three months.

 According to insiders, the 34-year-old Brooke answered "yes" in three seconds after the sentence:
It is still extremely sensitive information. For Kelly proposal was incredibly unexpected. But it has reached a period in life when you want to commit themselves, and she is madly in love David. He, too, is fed up with his bachelor life and can not believe that I met a woman like Kelly.
The news came as a surprise to many, as the pair converged only after a short break: Brooke decided to give David's "thirst for glory." McIntosh allegedly only used the model to achieve career success. Nevertheless, Tornado later denied the accusations and said that he was already quite famous in America, so it is nothing to use Kelly - he just loves her.

Note Kelly Brook previously was going to marry - Jason Statham at first, and later - for the star of "Titanic" actor Billy Zane. In addition, she was going down the aisle for the sportsman Danny Cipriani, but he cheated on her and the novel ended.

In any case, if the news of the engagement and Macintosh Brook confirmed, we congratulate the happy couple and very beautiful!