Mar 15, 2014

Kardashian thefts: New suspicions

After a theft series with the Kardashians, the police have a new suspect who is behind the crime. Ironically, the film crew of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" team is supposed to be responsible for the incidents. From the House of Khloe jewelry was stolen with a value of $ 250,000. And from Kourtney estate in Calabasas $ 50,000 cash were stolen.

The police have now mentioned to TMZ that the perpetrator had known about definitely in the house and knew exactly what he needed to look for. There would also be at the house no trace of a burglary. This was a further indication that the culprit could well be someone who understands and has free access to the residences of the family. Nevertheless, the offender

has not been found. When Khloe incidentally was only the really expensive jewelry and not a "cheap jewelry" had been stolen. As well knew of someone with her jewels. And Kourtney's cash had been kept in a safe place. One can only hope that the act is soon cleared up and the Kardashians can feel safe again in her home.