Mar 10, 2014

Justin mother wants a child!

Justin mother wants a child

Justin Bieber mother, Pattie Mallette, it currently has certainly not easy. Up close it, any derailment of her son witness and is informed by the press about stripper escapades or the arrest of a mere 20-year-old son. But that keeps Pattie does not depend on the wish to have more children.

Only recently searched Justin touching a new partner for his young mother. His parents separated when the pop star was only 10 months. While his father is already remarried and has two more children with his new wife, his mom has so far remained alone. But she is not happy with it. On the contrary! Via Twitter announced the mother of the famous singer now saying: "I want more children." You would think, with the one they would have their hands full, but if the 38-year-old currently at all zoom comes to Justin, is more than questionable. Whether behind Patties spontaneous fertility Exclamation perhaps a new love is that amplifies the emerging need is not yet known. It must be awaited eagerly awaiting any case, whether we will have it soon to do with Justin 2.0.