Mar 22, 2014

Justin Bieber: 'I live in the studio'

Justin Bieber is currently in his native Canada. He just makes the whole night through - and this has nothing to do with partying. No, Justin spends his nights in the studio and is dedicated to finally his greatest passion: music.

On Twitter the 20-year-old has documented his time in the studio quasi:
 "I live in the studio."
 Furthermore, he wrote:
"I was the last 24 hours in the studio Thanks @ DJTayJames.."
 Justin seems so vorzuhaben really big.
"Making the music all the time I'm always grateful for the opportunity to do what I love Thank you.." 
When you read such a thing, is finally obvious once again that music is really Justin's greatest passion. Scandals or not!

Justin has also been re-uploaded for his fans a sneak peek on Instagram. This time even with a small dance routine. He has dubbed the short video funnily with: "girls will be screaming at the club:
OMG, this is my song lol!.