Mar 10, 2014

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez: new appointment hot and humid ...

The two stars have not skimped on efforts by giving back during a dance made love Texas!

Hot and wet for a few hours for the stars of "I love you, me neither", Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber atmosphere ...But do not worry, nothing sulfur if it is a dance solo, took this Friday, March 7 in a studio in McAllen in Texas.

Indeed, Jelena spent two hours in a private rehearsal space with a choreographer

The door was covered with a plastic mat during the course - for more privacy - and of course security stood guard
The owner told the couple seemed "very close one. the other "during the course.

A passage in a dance studio ... Both artists they would prepare a show together?

Nothing is less certain that is however, is that the rich never cease to enrich still further as you can see, they have not paid a penny for the studio.

A new appointment sure that occurs after Justin and Selena were spotted that day, always in McAllen, in a Starbucks, then having lunch together and shopping in a local perfumery.

To this, add the fact that the Canadian star recently posted a mysterious message on his official Twitter account:
"Everything is fine now. Was managed" ...
What ever confirm the flashback of young lovers!