Mar 9, 2014

Julia Roberts is missing at funeral of Sister

At the Oscars she appeared last in a Traumrobe and strolled beautiful as ever on the red carpet. Julia Roberts had previously withdrawn from the public eye after her sister Nancy Motes had died of a drug overdose. At today's funeral Nancy's famous half-sister did not appear now, however, and their common parent was not seen at the ceremony.

As the Daily Mail reports were ever spotted any close family members of the deceased at the church service in Santa Monica. Former colleagues and friends arrived on the scene - among them Jane Lynch dressed all in black in mourning for the young woman. Nancy worked as a production assistant on the set of Glee - a job that you had bought their last so hated sister Nancy Motes

died last month, apparently from an overdose and left a letter in which they complete with her. family - including superstar Julia Roberts - settled accounts.