Jennifer Lawrence fell on the track 'Oscar'

Jennifer Lawrence fell on the track 'Oscar'

Jennifer Lawrence dropped again at "Oscar." In the past year she stumbled up the stairs to the stage for the golden statuette, and this fell right on the red carpet approx. Thank you for the news MakOle4ka.

Star "Hunger Games" and the owner of the "Oscar" for his role in the film "My Boyfriend - crazy" so involved communicating with the fans that did not see the boundary of the cone and fell to going ahead lady.

This leading pm Ellen DeGeneres did not fail to remind the hapless actress:

Jennifer, I certainly do not want to be reminded that it was last year. That's funny - it's just the arms, which are then discussed by millions. It's just ...

For those who do not know what I'm saying, she fell. Let's see the video clip, 

Ellen turned to the audience.

Jennifer Lawrence fell on the track 'Oscar'

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