Mar 13, 2014

Jared Leto in Kiev demanded soup and photographed on the barricades

March 12 Oscar winning Hollywood actor and frontman of the band "30 seconds to Mars" supported Ukraine at his concert in the Palace of Sports, and today went to look around the Maidan and took a few photos on the background of the barricades.

On the eve of the actor, known for world public roles in the films "Requiem for a Dream," "Mr. Nobody", "Fight Club" spoke in support of the Ukrainian nation on his solo album in Kiev:

- You're fighting for your life, and I I want you to know that I and the world support you. Fight can be very difficult, but no price is too high for the privilege to have him. Thank you, thank you - my inspiration!

Handsome bearded Summer with marvelous eyes of azure color throughout the concert waving blue and yellow flag in front of the audience and at the end of the performance brazenly demanded to feed his trademark Ukrainian dish:

- It's true, you bring me tomorrow to show the film (to be held today at 19:00 cinema "Ukraine") soup! - Threw in Hall 42-year-old "Martian", not even thinking about that dozens reckless fans can easily line up tonight in front of the theater "basins" SELECT Ukrainian Borschik with donuts and bacon.

After a light breakfast on Thursday morning Jared Leto straight from their "suites" in hotel "Fairmont" at the hem went to the "heart" of the Ukrainian Revolution - Independence Square. Actor about half thoughtfully wandered between barricades, took a few photos on the memory and left to prepare for the presentation of two films. In the evening, waiting for him in the theater "Kiev" to Ukrainian award "Dalassky buyers club", after which the musician will go to the cinema "Ukraine". There will be held a private screening of his directorial documentary project "artifact" - about the modern music business. The rich fans Jared zapoluchat "access to the body" idol - only $ 250 can be spread person to actor a few words and make photo familiarly embracing. Well, just the ticket to show Letovski "documentaries" moviegoers will cost $ 25.